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Packet of Information for Parents New to Autism,

The Twelve Commandments for Parents and Children with Disabilities

  1.  Thou shalt be thy child's best and most consistent advocate.
  2.  Thou shalt share your valuable information about your child with the professionals who need your input.
  3.  Thou shalt put it in writing and keep a copy.
  4.  Thou shalt try to resolve problems at the lowest level but not hesitate to contact a higher authority if a problem is not resolved.
  5.  Thou shalt keep records.
  6.  Thou shalt seek out information when needed.
  7.  Thou shalt take time to think through information before making a decision.
  8.  Thou shalt have permission to be less than perfect.  Important lessons are learned from both successes and failures.
  9.  Thou shalt not become a martyr.  Decide to take a break now and then.
  10.  Thou shalt maintain a sense of humor.  It is great for your emotional well being and that of your child.
  11.  Thou shalt always remember to tell people when they are doing a good job.
  12.  Thou shalt encourage thy child to make decisions, because one day he or she will need to do so.
By Virginia Richardson. Source: The Greater Rochester Attention Deficit Disorder Association


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