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Packet of Information for Parents New to Autism,

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Educational Materials

 The following companies will mail their catalogs free of charge.  Do you have any to add ? Contact the newsletter mom (see page one of this packet)  *** ones are the first to order in my opinion.

Alternative  and  augmentive  communication  materials:

Stages Learning Materials' has been in the business of producing flash cards for autism since 1997, and our products have become standard fair in nearly every early autism one on one program. Stages' photo flash card sets and posters offer a broad assortment of images to teach a wide range of language skills. We have cards that are identical to teach pre-language matching, cards to teach categorization and similarities, color cards, shape cards, and beautiful picture cards that capture a child's attention while engaging their mind and stimulating their language.I would welcome the opportunity to familiarize your families with Stages products.Please check out our site at


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