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Extra Stuff I  have come across:

Vaccine Troubles!!!!!

In case your child is due for more shots - think twice!!!  Demand that the vaccine used be mercury-free!  If your child is due for a booster MMR, have his or her titers measured first - your child may not need the second shot!! In the spring and summer of 2000 congressional hearings were held in Washington D.C. on  the possible/probable connection between vaccines and autism (April 2000); also on the huge amount of mercury a child receives from all the required shots (mercury is used as a preservative in the vaccines) and how this mercury load may well be responsible for the upsurge in numbers of kids with autism and other neurological damage as the number of required vaccinations - and hence the amount of mercury a young child receives - has dramatically increased since the late 1980s (later in 2000 I do not have the date handy).

To find out more call The Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) at 703/938-0342 and ask for their latest copy of The Vaccine Reaction. You may also write to them at:

512 West maple Avenue #206
Vienna, VA  22180
or check out their website at

Another informative article to read is:

Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning

This is an  enlightening article by Sallie Bernard, Albert Enayati, B.S., Ch.E., M.S.M.E.,  Teresa Binstock, Heidi Roger, Lyn Redwood, R.N.,  M.S.N., C.R.N.P., and Woody McGinnis, M.D. that includes a  comparison of the symptoms of autism and of mercury poisoning. Most symptoms are the same!! After reading this article everyone will be looking to have their childís mercury level tested! You may find the article at:

If you do not have internet access ask your local public library reference librarian to help you get this - those helpful souls live for projects like this (I know, my mom-in-law belongs to this sage consortium of professionals).

File  with VAERS

The following is cobbled together from two or three posts placed by Ray Gallup on the various on-line autism lists.  Note you do not have to have absolute proof your child was damaged by vaccines to file a report with VAERS - if enough parents of kids who developed autism AFTER vaccination file reports,  perhaps more attention will be paid by the powers that be to researching and ascertaining the exact connection between the rapidly rising numbers of young kids with neurological (and autoimmune!) disorders and the increase in the number of required shots each tiny body is subjected to (not to mention some of the potentially damaging ingredients in those shots...such as mercury etc.)

From Ray:

This is a request that, if you believe that your child has developed autism, PDD or spectrum deficits AFTER a vaccine/vaccination [hence quite possibly a vaccine reaction if ever there was one!], please file a report with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) through the FDA at 800 822-7967 (24 hour toll-free line) or P.O. Box 1100, Rockville, MD 20849-1100.

Most people have limited VAERS reporting to seizures and death. We need to let VAERS know how many autism spectrum cases due to vaccines there are out there.

Parents can file for their children. It is a one page form and patient identity is kept are assigned a VAERS number. The form comes with instructions and no postage necessary if mailed in the US or APO/FPO.î
Thank you very much.

Ray Gallup, President
Autism Autoimmunity Project

Planning for Your Special Needs Child

The folks at MetLife have a spiffy little brochure on the above topic which looks like a decent, basic overview of how to plan for a childís future financially, medically, and educationally.  It is free, just call 1-877-638-3375 and ask for the Life Advice Brochure Planning for Your Special Needs Child.  I did , it came - and no salesperson from MetLife has pestered me, either, so doesnít look like there is any ìcatch.

Also consider our sponsor for special needs trusts:


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